Location, location, location! We’ve all heard it before, but many home buyers fail to realize the amount of planning and attention that should be given to selecting your new home’s location.

There's a lot of pressure that goes into selecting the right home, and oftentimes the rush leads to improper planning with regard to home location.. Here are three tips on how to make sure you pick the location that’s right for you!

Tip 1: Make A List


Start off by making a list of what’s important to you when it comes to location. Everyone’s idea of a perfect location will vary. But, starting with a list will help you focus in on what’s most important to you and will help make sure nothing is overlooked.

Your ideal home location me involve a tight knit community near parks and schools, or it may mean access to high end shopping and restaurants. Think about the places you go on a regular basis and the type of experience you want your neighborhood to offer you.

Tip 2: Check It Out


Once you have a list of what’s important, you can begin narrowing down the list of neighborhoods that fit your needs. Once you have a few options, make sure to stop by and spend some time in them!

Talk to your agent at The Monaghan Group and see if there are any open houses in the area. Walk the neighborhood and then swing by and visit some of the nearby amenities such as grocery stores, coffee shops, and shopping centers.

If you find a house you like, try talking to some neighbors and asking them questions you may have about the area.


Tip 3: Observe Your Surroundings

There’s a couple things you can look for that will help you get a feel for the neighborhood. Take a look around the neighborhood. Are home improvements being made? Do you see people taking care of their lawns? Homeowners who take pride in their homes often make good neighbors!

Is your potential neighborhood organized? Neighborhood meetings, organizations, and groups are a good indication that this neighborhood is a tight knit community. If you have the opportunity, attend a couple of meetings and spend some time talking to the residents.

Take a drive through the neighborhood after dark. Does it pass muster? If you feel uneasy, you should leave. This may be a good indication that this neighborhood isn’t for you. However, if the streets are well lit, people are out for an early evening stroll, and things seem calm, chances are you’ll feel more relaxed when you move in.

As always, a part of the benefit to working with The Monaghan Group is that we work with you every step of the way. As your agent for a copy of our Buyers Guide. It has an entire section dedicated to selecting the right neighborhood!