John and Jane had been married for a couple of years and had been living in a cramped home rental. “It’s not that we’re unhappy here” John told our buyers specialist. “It’s just that we want something that’s ours. Jane wants to be able to make changes to our kitchen and I want to be able to have a den that’s designed around what I want”.
It’s a familiar story. Millions of people in America would love to own a home but are held back by their finances and debt. That’s why we take pride in helping our clients find a path to home ownership. Part of our unique approach to real estate includes sitting down with potential buyers and helping them evaluate their financial fitness and then developing a clear road map to buying a home.

Later on, John told our buyers specialist “It just makes sense. Our lease is up in 8 months, and I know that we’re going to have to save thousands for first, last, and security deposits. Why not just put it towards a house? But, we need to start saving and I need to work on repairing my credit, does it even make sense to start working with you” ?


It’s never too early to start. The Monaghan Group is here to help give you the tools to start working towards your own piece of the American Dream and our buyer specialists are happy to help. Throughout this blog series, we’ll help you understand common obstacles new home buyers face, give you a breakdown of the terms and jargon you’ll hear throughout the process, help you understand how much you can afford to spend, everything you need to know about down payments, how and why you should get pre-approved, selecting the right neighborhood and home, and more about the value that The Monaghan Group provides.

We’re excited to take this journey with you!