Mandi Monaghan

(602) 308-4660

The Monaghan Group

7025 W Bell Rd #10, Glendale, AZ 85308

Mandi began her real estate career in 2005, after serving in local government in Economic and Community Development.  She learned through experience how communities are developed, what drives values, and the importance of understanding the bigger picture of growth through working with some of Arizona’s largest developers.  What inspired her inside the real estate industry is the abundance of growth, and the opportunity to work with amazing people!

She quickly grew her business by focusing on the clients first, developing proven systems and models that created a simple process for clients, building a team of skilled professionals, and investing in growth.  She now coaches other top agents around the country in their business and leadership growth and teaches classes in Arizona to 18-24 year olds who are ready for a “Quantum Leap” in their lives.

With a mission to live an inspired life of purpose and give generously, and a heart to serve others, Mandi also invests time in her podcast, Inspiration Nation.  While interviewing others who are living inspired lives and utilizing their unique gifts in contribution to others, her focus is to empower people to live fully, love deeply and give generously.  She and Andrew also founded a Non-Profit Organization, Kids4Kids, teaching children Philanthropy and Leadership through Community Giving events.

One thing she values greatly in Real Estate is the belief “Home is Where the Heart is”.   As a mom of three, she understands how important it is to create a home environment of love, support, connection, and memorable experiences.  This is why being in real estate feels like “Home”.